Immaculate books, aggressive tax planning & the guidance your business needs

We don't just plug in the numbers, we'll craft a financial statement and accounting system that will support your business and we'll create an aggressive, yet realistic tax plan to help you mitigate your year end tax liability.

Small Business Accounting & Advisory

What We Do

Never worry about your bookkeeping again.
Get premium bookkeeping & accounting.

Don't have the means to hire management level
financial positions?

Have bookkeepers but can’t hire a full time finance manager? Get the benefits of a high level finance manager without bringing on an expensive staff person.

Get the insight & guidance that comes from an experienced financial manager, for a fraction of the price.

Whether you're trying to get highly detailed controller information, or you would like the shortest summary, we'll equip you with the financials you need to help you make decisions.

We deliver year-round, pro-active support

Proactive tax planning

Have bookkeepers but can’t hire a full time finance manager? Get the benefits of a high level finance manager without bringing on an expensive staff person.

Gain Peace of Mind

Avoid the overwhelming feeling of tax season by letting us help you prepare for success and feel in control with outsourced accounting.

Books you can rely on

Putting our experience to work to provide you with the confidence you need to make decisions, measure performance and prepare for year end tax filing.

Cloud-based Accounting

Our sophisticated software delivers professional results and provides you with a hassle free way to store your receipts and invoices. Modern services with effective and efficient results.

Staff Alternative

Get the benefits of a dedicated Accountant & Bookkeeper for a fraction of the cost.

Save Time

Our proven methods will save you the time you need to grow your business.

Don't Settle for a Typical Accountant

We're so much more than your typical accounting and bookkeeping firm, we serve as your outsourced accountant which delivers professional grade services for a fraction of the price.

Professional level accounting for a part-time price
Stop feeling ovewhelmed
Need more time to grow your business?
Think your taxes could be reduced?
Avoid tax surprises

Getting Started: 5 Easy Steps


Connect Meeting

Everything starts with a meeting where we can get to know each other, and see if we're a good fit.


Analysis of Taxes and Accounting Process

We'll gather your taxes, perform a financial snapshot, and dive into your books to identify opportunities.


Recommendations &
Service Agreement

We'll come to you with a handful of opportunities to transform your business, and then agree on what level of service makes sense.



We'll clean up your accounting, set things up to our standards, create a tax plan, and implement the strategies we discussed.


On-going Accounting and Proactive Tax Planning

Focus on your business, because we'll be fervently working to help you mitigate taxes, keep your financials excellent, and provide the insight you need to lead.

Plan for success and be prepared.

If you're not planning for tax season year round, you're probably over paying in taxes. Our pro-active tax strategies prepare our clients to ensure they've done everything possible to reduce their taxes and pay only what's required.

Time is the most precious resource. So, your time should be focused on growing your business by serving your customers and clients. Create more time for your business and focus on what matters.

Leave the complex and time consuming work to the experts at Barber Accounting & Advisory Services.

Schedule a Consultation & Let’s get started!

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